International art festival-contest «SAMOCVITY AQUA Fest»

From organizers “Samocvity” festival


International art festival-contest


Bulgaria, Sunny Beach


08, 09, 10 JULY 2017


  • • NGO Art center “Antre”
  • • Travel agency LOT, Bulgaria
  • • Supported by “Suziria Orfej”, Bulgaria, sunny beach


Festival program

06.07.2017-07.07.2017 arriving of participant/groups settlement, technical meetings, rehearsals.

08.07.2017 opening of the festival-competition. Competitive performances. Discussion about competitive performances with jury of the festival.

09.07.2017 continuation of competitive performances, artists planning time. Discussion about competitive performances with jury of the festival.

10.07.2017 Gala concert. Award ceremony of the festival. Disco party.

11.07.2017 Beach rest, concerts, workshops, excursions, artists planning time.

12.07.2017-15.07.2017 Beach rest, concerts, workshops, excursions

16.07.2017 leaving home, you can continue your group staying (with previous agreement of organizers) The order of events can be changed but with saving the total amount which organizers gave before.



Nominations of the festival

- Choreography two competition appearances. Duration of them up to 7 minutes.

Folk dance

The team presents folk dance based on country’s folk.

Classical dance

The team presents original classical heritage or new interpretation based on ballet.

Modern dance

The team can use those styles

  • * Street dance (hip-hop, disco, break dance, jazz funk, cramp etc.)
  • * Jazz fence (folk jazz dance, afro jazz dance, Broadway jazz dance, modern lyric dance)
  • * Modern dance, contemporary dance, contacts improvisation, etc.

Ballroom sports dance

  • European (standard) or Latin dances it depends on what participant will choose.
  • Ensembles (6-8 couples)
  • Small groups (2-5 couples)

Pop dance

Kids dance (game plot dance for children from I, II age category)

Vocal dance group

It’s dance team performance in which vocal songs can be performed by using soundtrack or without it. It’s allowed to use sound track with backing vocal.

Other choreography category

  • Show programs
  • Belly dance show
  • Eastern dance

- Vocal

(Soloists, vocal ensembles, choirs): two competition appearances. Duration of them up to 7 minutes. All appearances can be performed by acapella or using soundtrack or back vocal. Also you can use a sound track of back vocal. It’s not allowed to use instrumental or voice double vocal.

- Instrumental genre

  • Plucked string instruments (solo, small group (2-4))
  • Brass instruments (solo, small group (2-4))
  • Folk instruments (solo, small group (2-4))
  • Orchestras and ensembles

For a competition you must have two appearances and you can choose which of them perform on the festival.

- Folk art/ritual Theater: words, dances, music, which people use during the ceremonial, holidays, rituals. We invite folk ethnic groups which perform the appearances made by using folks, rituals and traditions. Folk groups perform one competition appearances. Duration of it up to 12 minutes. Theatre art/ doll theatre The team presents theatrical performance, mono performance, etudes, and episodes of performance which durations is no longer than 12 minutes.

- Acting (solo, small group till 5 people) declamation (poem, prose) with duration up to 5 min; literary and musical composition (up to 5 min); miniatures, pantomime, sketch, staging (up to 5 min)

- Circus (solo, small group till 5 people, team) plastic show, acrobatics, juggling, clowning up to 5 min.

- Theatre of fashion/fashion show performs one competition appearance which looks like a show or small performance. Duration of it up to 10 minutes.

- Fine arts

The subject of the picture will be given after confirmation about taking part from organizers. The art work can be made in any technology in 2 days. Participants must use their own materials and etudes: gouache, watercolor, pencil. The size of painting must not be bigger than 50x70 sm.

For the participation in festival you need to send application form by the email until 20/05/2017

After 20/05/2017 the applications will be taken after request.




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